My Backyard

That is what talented Engadine photographer Filip Zuan has called his coffee table book. It describes his laid-back style perfectly – there may be nothing remotely backyard-like about the Engadine but his collection of free-sports photos perfectly depict what goes on behind the glossy, world-class sports in this area.

Filip is the one who took all the pictures for Raffael Viletta’s hand crafted ski website. He actually grew up with Raffa as he calls him in La Punt. You get a better sense of the story as it unfolds. Both young men totally embrace the fabulous outdoors, one by making skis and testing himself on every slope he can find and the other by photographing it and people’s interaction with it.

As Filip points out, this is the best place on earth for outdoor activities and he loves every inch of it. You have but to leaf through his beautiful book to understand that!


Still on the topic of the book, he produced My Backyard series to shine more of a light on free-sports which he feels often take a backseat in the Engadine. It is easy to see how they are overshadowed by the glamourous main stream sports. Giving people an insight into the other side of sports, working with the athletes and sharing their aspirations has been something he has wanted to  visually portray for years – I really recommend you check out his book – makes you want to try out all sorts of new things you had never dreamed of!!




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