Cakes on the frozen lake and various shades of white…


Unlike Sochi which seems more like a Summer resort these days, we have had the greatest snow fall since the early fifties. The long awaited White Turf had to be postponed after the first race which meant the Hauser team were left out on the frozen lake with their own mountain of glorious cakes to contend with and no event.

They were about to throw in the tea towel when the sun came out and those who had come for the adrenaline buzz of the White Turf consoled themselves with Nut Cake and other Hauser delights. The afternoon was not a white out after all!

Meanwhile as I write this the  Claude Cartier Challenge Cup is taking place on the Cresta Run. Having watched endless footage of the skeleton event taking place at the Winter Olympics, this 2 day event feels particularly meaningful. All the more so as white and all its varying shades is the theme of The Art Masters which starts today.

I will probably take some Hauser delicacy with me to break through the whiteness of it all!


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