The King of Snow is on his way….

Strange goings-on are taking place right next to the ski marathon track as I write. At first I thought it must be the framework for some new and intricate sport. As it turns out the entire snow-scape is the scene for a play which starts in March called the King in the Snow. The ambitious build is turning into a golden palace – a mirrored, contemporary build which reflects off the snow and is already looking spookily stunning!


The King in the Snow is a production by a local theatre group called Origen who have made a name for themselves producing culturally themed pieces that use natural landscapes as striking backdrops.


This particular play centres around Charlemagne who falls victim to the force of nature shortly after his victory over the Lombards. When a snow blizzard stops the royal train in its tracks Charlemagne suffers feverish dreams which are played out in the golden, wind-swept palace that is currently under construction. The views drop all the way down the valley and it promises to be a breath taking open air piece of theatre!



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