Easter ambling….


This is the time of the year when chocolate takes on those familiar shapes we all love from when we were kids – cute Easter bunnies vie with eggs of all sizes. A quick look in at our chocolate shop is enough to make everyone’s eyes pop with delight – young and not so young alike!

However this is also a good time to swap ski boots for hiking boots and start exploring…. if only so as not to feel so guilty for all that silky smooth chocolate that has been consumed!

One of my favourite walks at this time of year is a forest track that winds its way up through the back of St Moritz. The views spread out as you climb higher and the pine forest smells glorious…Image

If the view isn’t enough to keep you entertained there are wooden sculptures to admire and try on for size….



…unusual architecture to admire as you get going…


…. and even a typical Swiss children’s story to entertain the younger ones in the walking party who may be dragging their heels. You need to keep walking to find out how the story unfolds!



I was quite surprised the first time when we emerged from the forest to find myself back on familiar terrain – back crossing ski slopes!



After that the walk is a gentle downward slope and in typical Swiss style shifts neatly from forest paths to pretty cobble stone paths, past beautiful chalets and more views and finally back at the Hauser’s – just in time for something sweet and rewarding at the chocolate shop! Happy Easter!



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