Skiing like a yogi


When you are surrounded by soaring beauty it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine yourself doing a few powerful high altitude yoga poses if only to relax yourself before taking on a particularly tricky slope. Right now is probably the perfect time to blend some yoga with your skiing as these slopes have quietened down after the Easter rush, the snow is perfect, the weather warmer and the days longer….


No surprise then that this style of skiing is becoming very popular on our slopes. A local ski instructor, Sabrina Nussbaum who happens to be a yoga teacher is the inspiration behind combining the two, very different, disciplines, and taking yogic ski parties off up into the blue yonder. She kicks off with grounding yourself in mountain pose, closing your eyes and really feeling the mountain beneath your feet, feeling the connection. She explains how to maintain that sense of connection as you ski and to remember to keep your toes relaxed and lifted instead of grinding them into your ski boots, something which I obviously do a lot as I get terrible cramp!

Throughout a day’s skiing there are stretches and relaxation sessions which result in your feeling amazingly springy, energetic and supple – something I have never felt before after a day of solid skiing! Amazing!

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