Some tips for Spring renewal


Spring brings with it a whole new sense of energy and renewal – all the more so as the days get longer and you can pack in many more outdoor activities! So if Spring cleaning is on your list, here are a few tips on how to ensure you recharge your batteries. First get one of the best night’s sleep you will ever have in one of the Hauser’s recently renovated Swiss pine and larch moon wood rooms. Without doubt there is a real tranquility and a sense of snuggling down in a fragrant pine forest about these uncluttered, eclectic rooms.

The next day, after a sumptuous breakfast of Hauser’s own home made Bircher Muesli and freshly baked gipfeli, catch the Bernina Express for a train ride that expands your senses. Make sure you pick a clear sunny day and sit in the very last carriage which is open air and guarantees breath taking views.


As you pass glaciers and sparkling rivers you will definitely feel yourself revive. You can get off at any number of scenic stations on the way and if you take your bike with you, you can explore deeper into the surrounding areas or eventually cycle all the way back. Check out some of the more unusual bikes you can hire if the fancy takes you..


Either way the fresh mountain air will certainly make you grateful you have that moon wood room for another night of recuperative sleep… not before you treat yourself to a buffet of fresh foods cooked on hot stones…. now if a day like that doesn’t make you zing, I don’t know what will!



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