Summertime and the living is easy… until it snows


summer 2014

A week on from mid-Summer’s day the Roo Bar is all geared up for summer time swinging!

Known as one of the best sun traps in the heart of St Moritz, this is where you come to catch the rays and enjoy their mouth watering selection of twelve home made ice cream flavours in almond dough cones. You come here to sip one of their exotic cocktails or sample a local beer. There are home made cordials and a mouth watering selection of warm sandwiches and tapas.

I was busy writing about this when some dark clouds gathered, so I went back inside to shelter from what looked like a good rain shower. Instead it snowed!! Just for a couple of hours and the pots of lavender and herbs had to be hastily covered! And today it is back to glorious once again, all the more so for that fresh white snow that contrasts against the blue sky and deep green lake – picture postcard perfect!

Photo from 29 Jun 2014



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