Ovaverva kicks off in style….


It was a glorious weekend for the opening of St Moritz’ new spa and pool complex. A bit touch and go to start with as the wind blew our little make shift stands around and rain threatened but never happened. We kicked off with chore distributions as given my Markus Hauser and the huge 70kg pig was hoisted onto his spit…


Meanwhile, around at the business end of the building a band had set up above the main entrance…


… as a gaggle of dignitaries took it in turns to cut the ribbons – one for each – very diplomatic!


…. and the crowds spilled in…. there were over 2000 people who attended on the first day and the following day saw some 3300 keen people….


I was on the Kassa Stand, exchanging blue and green plastic chips for money – blue chips bought you a delicious plateful of roast Portuguese pig (actually the pig was Swiss, he was cooked Portuguese style!) and a green chip got you a drink or a slice of Hauser cake. I have never worked such a busy stand in my life…. a frenzy of Swiss German, Italian, French, English and Romanish to convey what was wanted, information needed and so on…. great fun and not a slither of pig left by the end of it either!!!



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