The wholesome taste of Switzerland


As good to look at as the famed edelweiss and just as Swiss is the delicious pizzoccheri.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful private home the other week – more about that in another blog – which is where I first got to taste the dish. This is a traditional meal made with buckwheat pasta, potatoes, cheese and Swiss chard.

Given that this is summer it was served with a twist, instead of potatoes which gives it a heartiness needed in winter, we had ours with fresh green beans and zucchinis.

As with any traditional, passed-on-down-through-the-ages recipe anything goes really, you can use Swiss cheeses and parmigiano, you can try it with a few chillies sprinkled in for added warmth.  I have even tried it with sweet roasted Sicilian tomatoes which cuts through the flavours and catches the eye.

You can tell as you eat it, looking out over the soaring mountains, that this was a dish developed for this kind of landscape and climate – wholesome, rugged and soul-satisfying!


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