A blaze of Jamaican energy


It was a cool evening as we parked up outside the Dracula Club last night and walked over the golf course, down towards a wall of sound and colour to encounter Jimmy Cliff – right up close!

This was the first time a jazz event was staged outside and the occasional drop of rain made me wonder whether this was a good idea. We stood under our umbrella sipping our beers and taking in the atmosphere which was warming up rapidly. By the time he launched into Cat Steven’s ‘Wild World’ we had pulled down the brollies and moved in closer to the stage.


We were all singing with him when Jimmy belted out ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ and as we stood there with the moon shinning through the pines we were all energised by Jimmy’s incredible spark. He bounded around the stage and heated up the atmosphere to a crescendo. Good job we were outside, I can see why they felt the band wouldn’t fit inside, they needed room to roam!


After a couple of encores we were still hanging around as the roadies climbed onto the stage and started pulling everything down – apparently they are all off on a bus bound for Germany for their next gig tomorrow.


We padded back over the thick grass carpet of the golf course, looking down over the sparkling lights reflected on the lake and felt we could fly!


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