How best to start your day….

photo 5

Just like most of Europe we have been experiencing wetter-than-usual weather which kind of puts a dampener on things to say the least. So when I got up early the other morning and saw the sun shining on the lake, I was off down there like a shot to have another go at paddle boarding.

photo 1

My last venture had ended up with me falling into the lake so I was cautious and on my knees to start with. I wobbled up to my feet and gathered with the rest of my paddling companions, Markus Hauser and Lloyd Mullenger for a quick photo.

photo 1

We paddled around the lake and developed a new game of throwing a tennis ball to each other with our paddles, sure fire way of getting wet and keeping our core balance in check! It is an unusual mixture of relaxation and exhilaration, I could see how this could be a good meditation exercise as well as a core strengthener – apparently some even come down and do yoga on the lake – that is something I have not yet mastered for sure!!

photo 3


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