Getting into hot water


Where do you go on a wet day? I was asked recently and delighted to say that I have figured the perfect place to find shelter,  get fit and enjoy delicious food all under one roof!

Over the last year I have written sporadic blogs about the advent of the new health and fitness centre which was opened this summer – more on that topic too! Well, now that the dust has settled so to speak we can all get around to enjoying Ovaverva’s oasis of calm contained in this huge white sugar cube of a building.

For a start sliding into the hot waters of the outdoor pool and looking up at the mountains and the sky is wonderful.

Picking one of the many treatments or simply stewing in the sauna is therapeutic too… but one of the best parts is the reward of going to the ViV and enjoying a wholesome snack looking out over the views and at the swimmers.

ViV’s philosophy is delicious, local, healthy and dynamic foods and drinks. Something which resonated with me when I first sunk my teeth into this fresh apricot tart…

They do some rather tasty french fries too of course for those who feel they have swum enough to warrant them and trust me, when you have had their french fries tossed in truffle oil you really will feel you have reached hedonistic heights!


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