Too posh to break down


We recently had to take our car in to the garage here in St Moritz. It kind of made me feel uncomfortable as I imagined most car garages around here would be used to tweaking gleaming roadsters rather than the likes of our shabby vehicle. On Markus Hauser’s recommendation we went to the Sport Garage  which stunned us with the best views ever from a garage’s workshop!

We stood there fascinated by the views that plunged down to the sparkling lake and surrounding mountains. Better views than some of the penthouses I had visited in London! It wasn’t until I had managed to tear my eyes off the view that I noticed the cars that were parked up waiting for repair – there was a vintage Rolls Royce, a silver Ferrari and at the back two shiny Lamborghinis.

I consoled myself that our car would make a pleasant change for the car mechanics to work on – after all, there is only so much posh you can repair. And if I ever decided to ditch my writing and work in a car garage I know where I would pick, somewhere with a view filled with the slickest cars on the planet – except mine that is!!


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