Catching up with our mystery guest


Some time ago I wrote about a mystery guest who was having breakfast with Markus Hauser. As the more astute of you figured out, this young skier was none other than Daniele Sette.  Now 22,  Daniele has been focusing on developing his promising career as a slalom racer, due in large part to his sponsor, Hotel Hauser who have been instrumental in his development as one of Switzerland’s promising young giant slalom racers.

I caught up with him recently to see what he has been up to and how his training has been going. He had spent the previous summer in New Zealand, training. According to Daniele he alternated between taking hundreds of photos and skiing his heart out at Cardrona!


Unfortunately Daniele took a bad fall recently and is currently nursing his knee back to health, but his spirits are high and he is still feeling the benefits of almost a 12 month non-stop training session!

Generally speaking there is little to no snow here, even in October so training takes place up on the glacier. The fact that he went straight to New Zealand when our winter season ended and just kept right on skiing meant he was able to refine his style, work on his weaknesses and compete. He progressed from being 250th in the giant slalom to 68th. He also took part and won the ANZ Cup in Giant Slalom.

His aim now is to get to within the top 30 in the European Cup. Of course the closer to the top you get the more gruelling it gets. Every second gained coming down the slope becomes increasingly important. No doubt we will catch up again once the season takes off, meanwhile, we wish you all the best Daniele!


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