Keeping it in the family


I have written quite a bit about the Ovaverva, but much less on the Hauser’s involvement in its eclectic ‘eatery’ – the ViV.

As I sat sipping my coffee there the other morning, looking out over the steam coming from the outdoor pool, I realised I hadn’t said much about the fact that this place, filled to the brim with wholesome, soul-warming foods and beverages, is the brain child of Nina Hauser. And I believe she most definitely deserves an accolade for creating a unique and contemporary food corner in St Moritz and for pulling together a team of smiling, helpful people who run it with her!

No doubt about it, Swiss food is delicious and wholesome by nature. One of the great pleasures to be had up in St Moritz is to try out some of the more unusual restaurants. From cheese fondues served in refurbished cable cars to 5 star gourmet eateries, it wasn’t until ViV opened its doors, perched atop the Ovaverva fitness centre, that you realise we were missing a bright fresh new food venue.

Glass walls overlook the stunning views on two sides and another wall plunges you into the soaring blue outdoor pool crowned by mountains. Food is freshly prepared, light and healthy. From fragrant coffee and home made gipfellis, to fresh apricot tartes, home made ice creams and light pasta dishes, mini burgers and sandwiches all served in organic bamboo bowls and dishes. Just the place to hang and simply be!


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