Hikers get your boots on….


I may say this for every season here in St Moritz, but frankly, Autumn is really the most spectacular time of year up here!

The colours are breathtaking and the air takes on a lighter quality that makes you want to suck it deep into your lungs…. or bottle it and take it with you everywhere you go!

Little wonder this is when hikers and bikers alike stud the countryside taking in the natural beauty and energy of the place. They come back all rosy cheeked and sparkly-eyed – there is no therapy quite like a hike in the Autumn air and the best place to kick back afterwards is of course the Roo Bar terrace as it enjoys the last rays of sunshine dipping down after a day of brilliance!

This is when a glass of local beer and some snacks taste at their best, after a hard day of re-energising walking!


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