The supersonic jet lag cure


A powerhouse jet stream brought my American friends over at near supersonic speed 2 days ago. They flew into London claiming they had fair hurtled across the ‘pond’ and needed something drastic to get them back into gear!

A perfect opportunity to test out the Wellness Experience which kicked off with a blissful night in a pine-scented moon wood room. They spent ages picking out the type of pillow that would afford them a harmonious night. They emerged the next morning claiming famine which meant they made the most of their home made muesli, hot buttered gipfeli and fresh juice and coffee.

Then off we walked, down to the lake – all iced over and sparkling – and around it to the well-known Ovaverva for a swim in the outdoor pool. The sun was shining, the air was freezing and the water hot – totally invigorating!

We followed this up with a well-earned massage and then a brisk walk right around the lake. By the time we had hit the Roo Bar we all felt alive and tingling and, according to my friends, totally re-energised.

So we celebrated with a local beer on the terrace and mused about what to have of dinner – only way to go – and thanks to that jet stream they got some additional hours in on their holiday – a win-win situation if you ask me!


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