Preparing for 35,000 people standing on ice


Preparing for over 35,000 visitors, not to mention a few hundred horses, some rather large and imposing marquees and litres of champagne takes some doing. All the more so when the plan is to get them all on a frozen lake. So the sighting of this helicopter, a couple of weeks ahead of White Turf, is no surprise.

As preparations kick off we stood taking in the beauty of the quiet lakeside before it is turned into an entirely different world – check out the tranquility…


Something I hadn’t realised until recently is that Credit Suisse, who sponsor the event along with BMW (Schweiz) AG, have been the sponsors since 1976. BMW started sponsoring in 1991. And what a show they put on! An eclectic mix of horse-racing, gourmet foods, lively music and inspiring art exhibitions – all held on an icy lake in the winter sunshine!

Meanwhile, back up at the Hauser’s the birds are gathering in the trees ( you need to peer closely here…) in preparation no doubt for the forthcoming festivities!



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