Slipping on a chocolate corset

photo 4

Take a really close look at this beautiful corset – the detail is amazing, the craftsmanship exquisite and if you were to put it on and stand in a warm room it would slip right off you… well, it would slither off you more like, because this beautiful garment is made entirely of chocolate… have a look at this one… the things you can do with dark chocolate!

photo 1

or this beauty…

photo 2

The Bern FBK – which is the 32nd Swiss trade fair for bakery and confectionery requirements – turned out more artistic talent in one place than I have seen in a long time – I have never seen chocolate shaped in so many innovative and stunning ways – check this out…

photo 1

and this…

photo 5

Puts a whole new meaning on ‘sweet little tops’ thats for sure!


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