It started with a hole…


… in the ice… and then it turned into an entire village on the frozen lake….

photo 1

The lead up to this year’s February’s White Turf in St Moritz involved a brand new event which, true to form, was as spectacular as the White Turf, but with an added bristle of excitement as it was held at night.

Night Turf St. Moritz took place last Friday and was stunning. As the velvety night closed in over the lake the lights came on to reveal the tents bathed in mauves and blues. Fantasy ice figurines wafted about like spirits of the lake…

photo 1

… and then the racing started… White Turf is hard to beat in terms of sheer excitement as shards of ice spin through the air as horses pulling jockey’s on skis thunder past, but add night time to the mix and you have a heady blend of funfair atmosphere and thrilling racing. The place was packed…

photo 4

photo 3

… and the atmosphere had a surreal quality to it …

photo 2

What a fantastic way to launch the White Turf, got everyone in the mood that’s for sure!


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