Collecting experiences


Up here it feels like an endless collection of breath taking moments – check out this footage of this year’s White Turf for a sense of the excitement….

If that is not sufficient to get you fired up then this beautiful video of the Polo on Ice will do the trick….

Last weekend we had live music at the Hauser’s….


… which drew an enthusiastic crowd…


… and next week the Ducati Winter Tour is descending on the Roo Bar… so you get the picture – never a dull moment here!


2 thoughts on “Collecting experiences

  1. Wow. My husband is salivating about the Ducati Winter Tour. We check into Hauser around 1600 Saturday afternoon 14.3 with the TIROLER Ski Club…just as MusikSummit is going on at the Roo Bar. When is Ducati there? I clicked on the tour link but it does not have any specifics about their stop in St.Moritz.

    Wir freuen uns SEHR auf unseren Aufenthalt bei HAUSER :-). !!!!!!!

    Maryellen Doyle Robert irvine (Und noch 38 Andere)

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