Walking on thin air


Yesterday, extreme artist and adrenalin junkie, Freddy Nock undertook what most daredevils only dream of, setting a new record for the highest tightrope walk, and thereby adding to his already extensive Guinness World Records titles.

Starting at Biancograt which is 3.532 meters above sea level, the 50-year-old Swiss stuntman took 39 minutes to reach Piz Prievlus, the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps.

Freddy-Nock1_tcm25-374845To add to the challenge Freddy had to negotiate an altitude change of 50 meters and as if that was not enough he wore a black out mask so didn’t get to admire the view much….


Of course preparations for yesterday’s event started months ago when the former technical director of the Engadin mountain railways visited the location along with Freddy Nock and Gian Luck, a local mountain guide and head of the Mountain School at Pontresina. Without doubt this was deemed to be one of the most extreme challenges of its kind and we all take our hats off to Freddy Nock who hopefully is not casting around for the next challenge… although somehow I feel he probably is!


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