Famous Easter Eggs & Bunny production

2709781100000578-3014265-image-m-2_1427445303441Sad as the news may be that One Direction has lost one of its members, I still feel that Easter is not about Boy Bands wrapped around chocolate Easter Eggs – even if supermarkets are slashing prices. Maybe they should up the price as these will become collector items one day?

Up here it feels like genuine Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies are fresh, vibrant and as ‘Eastery’ as you could wish. They will still draw the teenage market regardless of what happens in the social frenzy of pop music! Thank goodness for that!

So, if you want to get even closer to the Easter experience, how about making your very own chocolate Easter bunny under the careful tutelage of the Hauser’s master chocolatier? The courses run from 7pm to 8.30pm and start on Monday 30 March for four days and all ages are welcome..

On the way in you can admire their stunning Easter window too…. that will take your mind off One Direction, I am sure of that!



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