150 Special Easter guests


On Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting the Johnsons from Cheshire in the UK. They are one of 150 families who have been invited to spend Easter in St Moritz to celebrate 150 years of Winter tourism. Along with 1800 other families they entered a draw to come and experience St Moritz, and I wanted to find out what this experience had been like. Austen, aged 8 has skied with his parents in France but never in the Swiss Alps. What struck them most was the friendliness of the resort. They had a preconceived view that St Moritz may not be the sort of resort a family would enjoy.

Judging by the kiddies buffet at the Hotel Laudinella, children are most definitely valued customers….


I also met the Schäfers from Koblenz in Germany and this was their first trip too to the Swiss Alps.

IMG_1633Hotels throughout St Moritz have hosted these guests who all met on Easter Sunday for aperitifs at the Laudinella.

As first timers to skiing the Schäfers had taken ski classes and were keen to put their new found skills to the slopes yesterday. Everyone sported bright red cheeks and shiny eyes!

Whilst the British were key to putting St Moritz on the map some 150 years ago, their presence has always been strong. Over the years streams of celebrities have mingled with families to enjoy the sheer exhilaration of this place. More recently St Moritz’ glamour has made some families feel it may not be the right place to take the kids. This Easter weekend dispelled that myth!

Happy Easter to everyone!



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