Meet our new Pastry Chef

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting probably the most travelled Pastry Chef in St Moritz. Steve is the Hauser’s new Chef Patissier – and I can’t wait to see what he produces!

We met over gipfelis and coffee and Steve was quick to point out that he will be putting his own unique touch to a number of Hauser’s treats… actually starting with the gipfeli. According to Steve they are indeed delicious but he wants to make them slightly bigger. We had a whole debate about French croissants versus Swiss gipfelis, and all I can say is that the result is bound to be a fusion of the two and therefore pretty irresistable!

Steve himself is a fusion of all sorts of cultures, countries and languages. Originally from Vienna (can’t wait to try the strudel) he has lived in New Zealand, Japan, Fiji, Australia and many more exotic destinations. It helps that his father was a diplomat and so as a child he was taken from country after country. As an adult he seems to have just kept going. He has had his own bakery business, worked in top hotels and boutique pastry shops and now, finally, he comes to rest in St Moritz… well, not rest exactly… but he is here to stay.

According to Steve he has found the perfect place, not too hot, a range of seasons, beautiful scenery and a wealth of delicious sweat meats to be made and appreciated… watch this space!


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