Well-travelled nut cake


It is not everyday that you get to check out an entire exhibition dedicated to a cake, however I had the pleasure of doing so quite recently when I made a point of attending the famous Engadiner Nut Cake exhibition….

Every pastry chef in Engadine has his or her own recipe and version of this delicacy and they are all mouth watering. I was particularly taken when Marinda Hauser told me of one theme which involved just the caramel and nut filling covered with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – how gorgeous does that sound!


Anyway, what struck me about the humble Nut Cake is how travelled it is – the exhibition was filled with letters from all over the world ordering in Nut Cakes which were packed in beautiful boxes which would look just right today in Fortnum & Mason.



Then there were letters taking receipt of the delivery and exclaiming at how well the cake had travelled – arriving in perfect condition to far flung corners of the world…


I can just imagine the excitement when the long-awaited cake reached its destination in India or Africa – how delicious it would taste in some exotic land! Anyway I am off to scrape the filling out of a slice and try it with vanilla ice cream…. back with you later!


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