Just when you thought it was over….


… we have had a fresh snowfall – so not quite ready for cycling off for a picnic up the mountain! Spring skiing is glorious anyway, much warmer, best done in the morning whilst the snow is still fresh and of course the days are longer – who wants to go swimming in the lake anyway?!

I just want to draw your attention to the photo I chose for this blog which came from the beautiful commemoration book celebrating 150 years of Winter Tourism.

Just imagine skiing down a slope wearing a full length skirt – no wonder the poor woman looks about to lurch forwards thereby probably ending up with said skirts around her neck. As for her companion, who has fallen over, he is wearing plus fours… no nice lightweight, super insulated thermals in those days – just nice itchy wool that got wet the first time you landed in the snow.

Still, good motivation for remaining upright!


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