Not for the faint hearted


To celebrate the end of our brief Spring-hibernation, there is nothing quite like a good brisk hike along a mountain path, and Ultraks is NOTHING like a brisk hike, but it promises to kick those taking part into full health and vitality!

This is the first time that Ultraks will be taking place in the Engadin. Well known in Zermatt, the Matterhorn Ultraks are trail runs which promise to sort the amateurs from the athletes!

This St Moritz first takes place next Saturday – the 4th- and kicks off in Pontresina. There is a choice of three different courses with varying challenges. The shortest one is just over 16 km and takes a loop below Piz Muragl to Alp Languard and then on to Segantini Alpin hut.

If that doesn’t get your heart beating then you could opt for the 30 km course that takes you deeper into the mountains of Piz Rosarsh. The views will be stunning either way although this one will no doubt be spectacular. Those super-ambitious athletes who can’t decide which one to plump for might like to go for the full burn of 46km which combines both courses.

Either way, the challenges are back on and not for the faint hearted! Welcome to the Summer season!


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