Ferraris and ducks….


Passione Engadina is a classic car meeting which takes its inspiration from everything that is Italian and luxurious. It is also a visually compelling event and a perfect excuse for everyone to meet up, consume delicious wines and food and generally admire beautiful cars.

This year, the fourth one, pays tribute to «Cavallino Rampante» (Ferrari Kessel Tribute). During the run up they have had over 250 participation requests, of which 90 have been accepted. Their motto is ‘gentlemen first, then the cars’… and St Moritz, which is never shy in showing off some of the world’s most beautiful cars, is the perfect launch pad for such an event.

The only proviso for entrants is that the car has to be manufactured in Italy and was produced anytime before 1980. For this year’s edition, the cut off number of historical cars was 100 and we have 25 Ferrari Sportscars for the 2015 Ferrari Kessel Tribute.

I love the fact that to mark the end of all this Italian ‘gorgeousness’ they will have their annual duck race – kind of brings us all back to the ground gently and with a smile!!


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