The elusive airplane


A couple of weeks ago I was told that an iconic passenger plane was scheduled to come to St Moritz. The Super Constellation is one of those planes that made air travel glamourous.There is only one in Europe and it is currently based in Basel and makes very occasional trips to St Moritz.

We were given arrival and departure times and told to keep a close eye on the sky as it would be coming in from the South. So, at the appointed time, we sat outside on the Roo Bar, armed with a coffee. I was just getting into a heated conversation about the pleasure of air travel when a low droning sound suddenly broke into my awareness. Suddenly we were on our feet, pointing as it flew over and totally missed the opportunity to take the famous shot!

The rest of the day seemed to be spent chasing it down as it flew back and forth over the lake. It felt like it was playing with us, but those glimpses we did get were worth it!



It made a stunning silhouette against the dark pewter clouds rolling in as it hung low in the sky over the lake. In the end, I had more pictures than I needed and a gaggle of helpful people had also taken photos for me! Thank you everyone!



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