A walk in the woods


There is nothing like going for a good walk in the woods to build an appetite for a hearty lunch. Walking up to Hahnensee Restaurant is just the kind of thing you should reserve for a sunny Sunday when you are feeling energetic! Typically the wooded trek wends its way through tall scented pines, across tiny sparkling streams and over polished rocks. As we started to climb we were given a helpful hand – or pole in this instance – offering us walking poles to help us on the way! The idea is to use them on the way up and hook them back on the way down! Very thoughtful!


The views from the top were, of course, stunning and took in the entire valley…


Closer to hand we had our own little lake to admire as we ate a delicious lunch of local cold cuts and cheeses washed down by a fine local red.


The people who own this idyllic spot have done so for a number of generations. In the Winter this is a welcome restaurant for the skiers and in the Summer it is hikers like ourselves who enjoy their 360 degree terrace and warm hospitality. They live here all year round and have to hike back and forth to their car as access is limited. As permanent residents they are the privileged few who have actually seen the small bird which has given its name to this place Рapparently they are supremely shy and quite rare, but this is the one spot where these Hahnen congregate in numbers Рthe only ones we saw of course were stuffed and on the mantelpiece!


I was particularly taken with this unusual fellow….. guess what he is called…



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