Kissing Stones and Avalanches


One of the sure signs that you are about to break through onto the Roof of the World is when you drive through the Kissing Stones. It is a that point that you know it is going to get more and more spectacular, increasingly breathtaking and you are about to find yourself in some of the most unexpected and stunning spots of the world.

A few weeks ago, after passing through the Kissing Stones we kept on up and up as we had a lunch date up on Diavolezza. If going through the Kissing Stones feels like heading for the top of the world, Diavolezza on the other hand is beyond the chimney! This trip was rewarded by a spectacular natural phenomenon, an avalanche!


It started with a deafening crack and for an instant it felt like the mountain was holding its breath…


… and then we watched as tons of white powdery snow spun down the mountain and through the air – lunch and a show – you can’t get much better than that!!



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