Collecting snow


Given that it has already started snowing, I think it is opportune to talk about a walk we did a few weeks ago to visit the reservoir which is being built up at Corviglia next to the Lej Alv lake. At the time of the walk, it was a stunning, warm day and talking of snow collection seemed a long way off! Nestled within the mountains it was hard to spot at first… even as we came closer it looked quite discreet.. on closer inspection however it was pretty spectacular…


However this reservoir, the biggest of its kind, is a stunning engineering feat and the snow melt collected will ensure that fresh snow will be readily available without having to pump the water up the mountain. From an environmental perspective alone this is great news. Having said that, and given that it has already started snowing, I am not sure we will need it this year!


Building work started in June 2014 and is due for completion next month. When we went up in August it was breath taking. Standing 2525 meters above sea level we looked down at huge lorries hurtling around the perimeter and workers at the bottom the size of ants. Little wonder given that it is 26 meters deep and has a volume of 397,700 square meters!




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