Walking on (thin) ice


Everyone should do it, at least once in their lifetime. It is something that makes you feel a little nervous as you progress until you reach the point of no return, the middle, then all you can do it walk right on!


The sun hadn’t quite made it over Lej da Staz when we tentatively walked out onto the black ice. Peering down you could see trapped air bubbles and long cracks that had iced back over. As we walked out we had an unusual feeling that only increased as we headed out towards the middle. The depth beneath our feet felt palpable and the entire walk progressed in small steps so as not to slip!


Every now and then small children skidded by, fearless, and ice skaters gracefully swooshed on, some pirouetting away. The entire scene was transformed once the sun rose making the whole lake sparkle.

Without doubt the most beautiful natural skating rink I have ever walked across!


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