Back in the day


…. life was a far cry from the luxurious environment we now enjoy. Living off the land up here was pretty harsh. Looking at some archived photos such as the one above makes me wonder how often they would have stood up and looked around at the sheer beauty of the place? Did it make it any easier?


I think the boy asleep on his cow certainly tells a story of the pleasure of simple comforts and an uncomplicated life!

Although the contrasts now are of course striking, you need only take a walk up and out of the built up areas to be right back in the same place these people made habitable some 200 years ago. As tourism took over life became far easier – the view remained the same – the living certainly more comfortable!


As we refine the art of greeting thousands of guests every year from all over the world, the setting remains the main attraction – its raw beauty has been carefully honed over the years to keep people coming for more – that is where the magic resides!



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