Charitable water drinking


Last October I wrote a blog about the human right to make clean drinking water freely available – something the Swiss in particular have always been very keen to push. The water in St Moritz rivals some of the best table waters in the world, it is delicious, crystal clear, pure and always ice cold!

At any rate, the concept of making clean drinking water available led to a new scheme whereby hotels and restaurants, such as Hauser’s started charging for their tap water and used 100% of those funds to give a small village in Thailand a sustainable water source .

Since the project started last winter they have already raised over CHF 10.000 for Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children with a plan to up this over the coming summer!

BAAN DOI are using these funds to co-finance a new water filter system to produce clean water in the orphanage…. so thank you for drinking the water and please keep it up!!


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