The Bike Scouts



We take biking very seriously up here – the landscape was created with bikes in mind! Well, okay, bikes and skis!

Which is why, as a newly appointed Bike Hotel,  with none other than pro-rider Mathias Flückiger as our ambassador, we have sent out our fearless ‘Bike Scouts’ to check and rate the best, most adventurous, most scenic bike rides you can experience.


Whilst Mathias trains for the forthcoming Rio Olympics, our famous three ‘Bike Scouts’, Nicolas and Georgia Hauser along with Hannes Mark, have been tirelessly trying out trail after trail.

image1Such as this bike tour that follows the route taken by the Bernina Express, goes over the Bernina Pass to Poschiavo. A great one as they get to catch the train back!


We attended Bike Days last month in Solothurn to promote the fact that we are the new Bike Hotel on the block and now we are taking to our pedals – we will certainly keep you posted with the trails we discover and look forward to sharing these with you!








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