Tantalising tastes for over eighty years


Almost 85 years ago, when Hauser as we know it was a bustling teashop, James Glattfelder left Zurich to set up shop in St Moritz. Over the years a thriving business focusing on the very best teas, coffees and caviar has developed and been handed down from one generation to the next of Glattfelders. I had the pleasure of catching up with the Alice Bührer who manages the team and who introduced me to some of their new products…


I was particularly impressed with their recyclable, bio-degradable coffee capsules, something that has been causing quite a stir in the coffee community…


There are delicious liqueurs using local products such as edelweiss and pine – smooth and powerful all in one sip, teas inspired from these mountains and the sea… olive leaf, edelweiss and finally salts from Ibiza….


I am sure if James Glattfelder were around today he would agree his family have done him proud in producing a veritable treasure trove of flavours to titillate the taste buds….



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