Under the snow….


Back in August I took a photo of the count down to next year’s World Ski Championships. I had the hot sun on my back and it was hard to imagine just how transformed the ski slopes will be in just a few short months time. In fact I thought it would be interesting to go and check one out – before it gets a thick coat of snow…


… and so this is what it looks like – nothing smooth about it as you can see – little wonder you need several meters of the white stuff before you can venture out on it! I had been lulled into the false sense of security that under my skis and the layers of snow there was a layer of soft grass, but no such thing!


… most of that soft lush grass appears to be on the sides, with a good smattering of large boulders that end up being the little hillocks we so elegantly glide over in the height of the season!!


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