Sliding into 2017


It will come as no surprise that bob sleighing was born in St Moritz where original sleds were re-designed by a handful of wealthy daredevils to carry passengers around.  And of course it was only a matter of time before it turned into competitions which not doubt made the streets of St Moritz pretty dangerous to cross!

This explains the origins of the Olympia Bob Run, built to protect citizens and to return the town to a more sedate state, the Olympia Bob Run is the oldest bobsleigh run in the world. In the course of its 125 years of existence it has seen two Olympic Winter Games and 24 World Championships.

So, as we welcome 2017, I thought it apt to point out that bob sleighing is still alive and sliding and going from strength to strength. Hauser sponsors Bobteam Holinger who started the season with great gusto and of course, for anyone who feels like getting a rush of adrenaline through their veins, they don’t have to hold back, there are guest runs too.

All you need remember is that you will be travelling at about 130km/h, the centrifugal force will be 4.5G and the fun factor will be notched up to maximum – your nerves will be tested to the limit and you will receive a certificate to prove your bravery….what better way to slide into 2017!!

Happy New Year everyone!



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