The one and only après-ski spot




It could be argued that skiing only really became popular thanks to après-ski, and we have the Norwegians to thank for that back when they introduced ‘controlled downhill technique’ in Telemark in mid-1800. At the time après-ski took place in homes but that soon changed!

I have spoken to dozens of passionate skiers over the years who have confided that one of their favourite bits of skiing is the après-ski part of their day!

And why not, this is when we wind down from a day of excitement and in some cases sheer terror, congratulate ourselves on having come out unscathed and in one piece and feel the glow of a good day of activity!

The Hauser’s Roo Bar has to be one of the most authentic après-ski spots in St Moritz – in fact it has become somewhat of a legend. After a decade of serving home made mulled wine, elderberry and vodka punch and rich hot chocolates, it is a well deserved accolade.

But I think the real reason it is so popular is the fact that as you stand there warming yourself at their outdoor gas fires, nibbling on their home made snacks, you really get a sense of being at the very heart of skiing wonderland. And it is truly quite magical.






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