FIS World Ski Championships – Then and Now



Back in 1934 the FIS Ski Championships had a rather snappy looking sound system for those folk down in the town to follow the results – this takes the humble ghetto blaster to a whole new level!


In 2017 the sound system had become slightly more sophisticated with its own radio shack (Swiss Chalet style no less!) set up at one end of the Hauser’s Roo Bar. Things have moved on with a large screen enabling those enjoying a drink on the terrace to follow the excitement!


In 1934 all you needed to compete was a snappy pair of tweed plus fours, a woolly cap to keep your ears warm and some handmade wooden skis that probably weighed a ton! This was the year David Zogg of Switzerland won men’s downhill gold and Anny Rüegg won women’s downhill – she too was Swiss.


Forty years on and we can already see a clear difference in clothes, style and equipment. What looked like a ‘jolly good time in the snow’ back in 1934 now looks like they really do mean serious business… just look at how steep this slope is – note the folk, toying with impact, looking back up!  This was 1974 and this time Austria whipped up some golds – David Zwilling in men’s downhill and Annemarie Pröll in women’s.


Now, in 2017 the FIS World Ski Championships combine speed, state of the art equipment, clever, light-weight fibres and as much excitement as there was back in 1934 and Austria, once again, was on top form!




.. and some gold and silver medals for Switzerland too… each time celebrated with a personalised Hauser cake!!







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