A slice of British in St Moritz


It was a crisp morning when we walked up from Hauser’s to go and get a little Cresta Run adrenaline – the walk took us past the beautiful Kulm hotel and then dropped down and out of the town itself. All you can hear is the snow crunching under your feet and then, faintly at first, a distinctive BBC voice. As we got closer to the art deco building that is home to the Cresta Run club, there is a sense of having shifted countries and somehow waded into Kent!


Even the board that names the racers proclaims we are watching The Grand National – somehow it feels like we have stepped back in time, to a Britain of bygone years. The beautifully clipped British accent is somehow incongruous with what is going on below the stand as lycra-clad racers swish past on their rather frail looking ‘skeletons’…


The adrenaline rush is very much tamed with the occasional ooh and ahh from the chaps on the top terrace who have a vantage position! We walked back down to the lake to remind ourselves we are in the heart of Switzerland after all as we spotted a huge wooden horse on the far shore of the lake – St Moritz to the core!



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