Hopping into action


Extra chocolate has been shipped in, rich and smooth. Frosted eggs of all colours are nestling in straw baskets. Home made Hauser Colomba’s are cooling on racks ready to be wrapped in bright paper and ribboned up. Rabbit and egg shapes are lining the counters…. and we are about to start our Easter Bunny making workshops!


I guess it comes as no surprise, given the quality of the chocolate, not to mention the very heritage of it, that Switzerland has the highest consumption of chocolate in the world at 22.36 pounds per person. This is followed by Austria with 20.13 pounds – similar grazing lands, fabulous milk all equating to delicious chocolate. Then we have Ireland with 19.47 pounds. 16 of the top 20 countries are European with the UK in 7th place. The US is in 10th place. Having said that they probably consume vast quantities of chocolate when they get here which would skew the figures somewhat!


Either way you look at it Easter is a celebration of new life through all our senses – as our Schoggishop team roll up their sleeves and get creative with the cacao we can but sit back and admire the display!


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