Hovering over town…


I have just read that in the not too distant future we are likely to have flying taxis hovering over our roads – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSUub26APu8 .

These futuristic vehicles will use renewable energy and in fact will use very little energy. The German company behind Lilium believe that this is the future of public transport and I love their vision!

Meanwhile, right now, earth-bound renewable energy vehicles are popping up all over the place and finding easy ways to refuel them and re-charge them has become the next big challenge…. so it was very exciting to see that Hauser’s now offer their guests who are electric car owners a free charge up. Those who are just passing through can also charge up for CHF -5.

As Switzerland is so often a couple of steps ahead in terms of environmentally-friendly solutions I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them test flying a Lilium soon too – imagine taking off from the edge of the lake and hovering over the town and nearby villages! Then they could land on the Roo Bar terrace and charge up whilst the pilot has a refreshing fruit juice!




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