Back in the flow

I wrote about experiencing the flow trail a couple of years ago now. As an avid cyclist who cut her teeth cycling around London, I somehow thought I had already experienced what it meant to enjoy adrenaline filled cycling. That was until I caught the Corviglia funicular with my bike and stood looking down at what awaited me!!

The trail that starts almost as soon as you step out of Corviglia’s summit station snakes down through stunning scenery – if, like me, you want to stop every now and then to take some pics remember there can be a few cyclists who love to rip down the mountain so don’t stand in the middle of the trail! Another warning, beware of cows lying in the middle of the trail, I am sure they are quite soft to land on but they probably won’t appreciate being cycled into!

There is a new 360° bend to add to the challenge and this is swiftly followed by a flowing downhill pump track. The guys who spent the last few months digging this trail out have done an awesome job, it blends into the scenery and appears to be a track that was created by those wandering through the mountains over the last few centuries!

As you drop down (hopefully not literally!) you pass Alp Giop and down towards Truth hut, loosing about 280 metres of altitude as you go. This new flow trail has also been designed for less experienced mountain bikers and in fact they are encouraging families to give it a go – so do try it out – we would love to hear any feedback and pics you want to send in too and remember to get Hauser’s to pack you a special cyclists’ picnic to enjoy from the top!



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