Funking with the Apostles


Last night we had Cory and The Funk Apostles grooving away and keeping the vibes high. They had everyone clapping and tapping along….


One of the things I love best about listening to jazz at the Dracula Club is the fact that you can get in so close you are practically on the stage with them – it is without doubt one of the most intimate venues for enjoying good music.

Meanwhile on the Hauser terrace, the Jessica Cadau Trio were giving it their all.

This new, more condensed Jazz Festival format means we are quite literally submerged in good music wherever we turn.

We had the Greg Galli Gang playing later in the evening at the Sunny Bar and tonight Madeleine Peyroux is performing, something I am really looking forward to experience!

So, the sunny season has kicked off as you can tell and I suggest you sit down at the Roo Bar and sip one of our iced coffees whilst you study our summer programme – check out our Aperitif concerts that are held on the terrace and are free and of course our now rather famous Jazzbrunches!




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