2018 – The year of the Dog

James Vaughan 2018

Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at the Hauser’s!

It has been a fantastic winter so far – with lots of snow as well as lots of sun – a picture perfect setting for all of us mountain lovers! Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or simply soaking in the sun and the atmosphere up here, we hope you are truly making the most of this spectacular spot!

As it turns out this is the year of the Dog – in Chinese astrology – and, according to those in the know, this is the year that we can expect to see totally new remodelled ways of generating and storing energy resources. Apparently this is particularly true in the field of solar energy, which has now sufficiently matured to become one of the main cheap sources of electricity both in transportation and at home.

This links in very nicely with an exhibition which will be taking pace at the Hauser’s at the end of January to further draw awareness of water issues around the world. New Zealand artist James Vaughan has focused his art around this topic as he rightly believes we all  have a responsibility for the next generation to preserve what we have and to carefully manage our water resources. As Vaughan points out we need to think of water as a universal key to our very existence and indeed everything that lives on this planet.

His photographic light boxes will be on exhibition at the Hauser’s around the end of January and I urge you to go check them out as they are beautiful. This exhibition supports the Water Survival Box Charity, which provides clean drinking water and shelter in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters.

Let’s make 2018 the year we step up and make a positive difference to this beautiful planet we live on!





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