Serving cricket on ice

cricket 4

I love the description I heard the other day whilst watching cricket in sub-zero temperatures on the frozen lake – there was a reference to the champagne climate of St Moritz – and how true it is! As I stood feeling the ice creak beneath my feet there I was witnessing a cool game of cricket!

As with all things here at this time of the year – we were being served cricket on ice – and it is a truly one-off experience! The air was positively charged with crystals, ice and diamonds mingles with champagne on a solid lake and cutting edge cricket was being played out before us.

cricket 2Granted this is not cricket as played on a sunny afternoon on your local green –¬†international players line us to take part in the February cricket festival and as soon as the sun comes out and shines on the ice it feels like an other worldly experience – great cricket played in sumptuous style in the classiest possible location – what a treat!

cricket 3

Probably one of the most unusual settings for cricket you are likely to witness anywhere in the world!




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