What came first… the rabbit or the egg?


Easter always brings that air of Spring with it! Eggs are shaped out of every possible delicacy from creamy chocolate to dark fondant and of course we have chocolate rabbits taking over the entire kitchen! We have had all sorts of folk down in the pastry workshop learning how to make the perfect egg or shape the best rabbit ear… it has been a veritable feast of chocolate in all its shapes and forms…



We had actor Gian Franco Tordi down here helping the kids create personalised Easter eggs…. you need to check out our Facebook page to see the video…. and as everyone got cracking, more and more Easter shapes emerged….



from moulds to the end product – every stage lovingly designed and fine-tuned!

IMG_4550IMG_4551097b212a-9516-4f85-84d4-959418f785efSo – as we wish you all a wonderful Easter we leave you with the eternal conundrum of what came first… was it that chicken or the egg… or indeed, how did the rabbit come to be involved in this whole story? Happy Easter!



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